Tony’s Needs

How Laxin4Tony’s Support Has Helped

The overall goals of Laxin4Tony are to provide Tony with financial support beyond what Medicaid is able to provide and continue striving towards the primary goal of increasing Tony’s independence.

Since 2010:

  • A specialized hospital bed Link
  • A FES Leg cycle, a stationary bike which uses and assists Tony’s muscles to operate Link
  • A device which helps Tony stand Link
  • A desktop computer and a Laptop capable of running dictation, productivity and graphically intensive software simultaneously.
  • Assistive and adaptive technology to help Tony interact with a computer and things around him Link
  • Continued maintenance on an amazing handicap van donated to Tony in 2001 by the Maceira family

Tony’s Future Needs:

  • A newer handicap van
  • Controls for Tony to use and drive the van Link     Video Link
  • An FES arm cycle addition to Tony’s current leg cycle Link
  • A new Computer and Laptop when Tony’s current devices stop working
  • Physical and Occupational rehabilitation beyond what Medicaid is able to provide

There are many other annual expenses Laxin4Tony has assisted Tony with including uncovered medical supplies, dietary improvements, tech devices, course books and assistance with other expenses derived from his paralysis, improving Tony’s health and quality of life tremendously.